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● Say hello to Social Rush

Social Rush provides quick and simple access to many of the top Social Networking sites specifically formatted for the iPhone. Ease of use and a gorgeous interface make Social Rush the perfect companion for every Social Network user.

● Organization Never Looked This Good

Social Rush displays some of your favorite sites in a gorgeous virtual library. With beautiful images and top Social Networking sites formatted to fit your screen you are sure to fall in love with Social Rush.

● Easy Load

Simply press the Menu Icon and watch the various Social Outlets fade into view. Pick your favorite and you are on your way.

● All in One

Easily access your multiple Social Networking accounts without even leaving the application. Now you can post a tweet and watch that viral video all in one application.

● In a Rush. No Problem.

Social Rush is Fast. All of the sources are tailored specifically for your device. This means much faster load times.

● Scroll To The Top

Anytime you need to scroll back to the top of an article simply tap once near the top of the screen.

● Video Friendly

Social Rush is Audio / Video friendly. Watch your favorite Videos streamed from your favorite sites.

● Information On The Go

Updating your profile on the go just got easier. Audio / Video Playback Support, mobile sites formatted to fit your screen, Your Favorite Top Social Networking Sources, and a gorgeous interface make Social Rush your Ultimate Social gateway.

● More to Come

We know that you have multiple Social outlets that spark your interest. Thats why you can expect more additions in future updates. Have a favorite thats not included? Send us your recommendation.


Currently Includes:

✓ HI5


*All names & websites included are property of their respected owners.